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This page updated 20 December 2015 @ 1223

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The Sea 'N Air Men's Golf Club has an active tournament program with at least one major tournament held monthly.

Reduced weekend tournament play: Starting in February 2015, MWR has limited all Club tournament play under it's jurisdiction to only four weekend tournaments, starting in February. In order not to lose our monthly tournament program, the Men's Club Board of Governors has decided to move the lost weekend rounds to Friday play. This means that we will have five weekend tournaments and seven Friday tournaments.

Note that the Friday tournaments start at 08:00. Also, the game formats below are not in stone. We're starting off with the Individual Low Net format, because it's the most managable and flexable. If the support is there, we can go to two and four man competition. We would appreciate your feedback. We will make changes based on your input.

Please contact any Board member to let us know how it impacts you and what alternate ideas you have to mitigate our delema.

We offer a variety of stimulating formats to challenge all levels of players. CLICK HERE to sign-up for a tournament online.

Tournament fees are usually $5.00 per member, in addition to the normal green fees and cart rates... Walking is allowed for most tournaments. Closest to the pin payout will come from a buy-in prior to the round.

Please contact Scotty McRoberts (Tournament Chairman) at 619.838.4072 or Email Scotty at

Tournaments listed with an (*) shall be scored as a Tournament Round.

To check tournament pairings and results, CLICK on the red check mark to the right side of that row. If red check mark is not present, it hasn't been published.

For tournaments requiring entry forms, CLICK on the red check mark in the "Form" column opposite that tournament.

Mixed tee competition: Sea 'N Air Men's Golf Club has embraced the concept and supports The PGA of America and the USGA initiative to "TEE IT FORWARD" and is configuring all Weekday Play and monthly tournaments to allow mixed tee competition.

When you now sign up online for the monthly tournaments, you have the opportunity to assign any or all partners to the forward tees... or none at all.

Should you move forward? It's easy to figure out. As you get closer to the twelfth hole... are you getting anxious about safely clearing the water? If you are, maybe you should be playing from the forward tees.

Any active Sea 'N Air Member 70 years or older, with an Index of 20 or more, may play the Gold or forward tees for any or our tournaments. First figure your Gold tee handicap and then further adjust for the difference of difficulty between the white and Gold tees; which, for Sea 'N Air, is three strokes.

The USGA's Handicap System allows equitable competition among different skill levels and from different tee locations. We aren't striking out on our own. We're following and teaching the USGA guidelines.

Go to the USGA site below for an in-depth discussion. We're using the handicap system to it's full allowance.

Hole-in-One Insurance: Hole-in-One insurance provides you financial protection from a potentially large bar bill. Tradition requires that the player who hits a hole-in-one buys each tournament player a drink of their choice. For a small investment you can secure piece of mind against having to payout hundreds of dollars.

Both Monthly and Weekday Play Tournament Chairment maintain a Hole-in-One insurance list. You can get on the list by buying in for $2.00. Make sure you buy in before you tee off to begin your Tournament play. You are covered until someone on the list shoots a hole-in-one. At that time a new list is started and everyone buys in again with $2.00.

The IT Manager will maintain the most current copy of their respective list.

If you are on the list and shoot a hole-in-one during Tournament play, you collect the full value of the insurance pot. Collect the money from the Club Treasurer.

It is expected that you buy everyone in the tournament a beverage of their choice from the bar.

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2015 Schedule
Friday play will start at 12 noon.        
Format Cost Remarks Form Pair Result
*Club Memorial
24 Jan
2 Man Better Ball $5.00 2 Man Teams
*February - Fri
20 Feb
Individual Low Net $5.00 Three flights
*March - Fri
20 Mar
Individual Low Net $5.00 Three flights  
25 Apr
MATCH PLAY starts $25 Individual play
30 May
Member/Guest $160 2 Man Teams
*June - Fri
26 Jun
Individual Low Net $5.00 Three flights
*July - Fri (cancelled)

24 Jul

2 Man Better Ball $5.00 2 Man Teams  
*July - Fri

31 Jul

2 Man Better Ball $5.00 2 Man Teams
*August - Fri
21 Aug
Individual Low Net $5.00 Three flights  
*Club Championship Day One
26 Sep
Individual Low Net $78 LI last 12 mos.
*Club Championship Day Two
27 Sep
Individual Low Net LI last 12 mos.  
*October - Fri
23 Oct
Modified Stableford   Three flights  
*Turkey Shoot
21 Nov
Individual Low Net FREE    
*December - Fri
18 Dec
2 Man Better Ball $5.00 2 Man Teams

Tournaments listed with an (*) shall be scored as a Tournament Round.

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