Three Best Balls of Foursome (Blind Draw) -- 18 November 2017


This page updated as of 31 October 17 @ 1121

Chg 1: Changed the tournament format to blind draw, four man team play.

Sign up Cutoff Date: Monday, 17 Nov 2017

The format for this month's tournament is Three Best Balls of Foursome (see the rules below). The first tee time is 0730 (see the pairings below). Changes may be expected. The pairings, tee times and rules at game time take precedence over these posted on the website. Please check in at least forty-five minutes prior to your tee time.


TEAMS: Four man teams will be comprised of the entrants as submitted to the Tournament Committee. There is no restriction on handicap difference among partners. Tee times are assigned first come, first served.

Each player will play to 100% of his handicap based on the 15 November GHIN Index. The Team HCP shall be the average of the combined partners' handicaps.

FLIGHTS: All teams will compete head to head. There will be no team flights.


  • Each player shall play his own ball throughout the entire round.
  • Select and circle the best NET score for three of your four players on each hole. Handicap strokes apply hole-by-hole.
  • The team with the lowest Final Team NET Score wins.
  • Tournament Committee will select a Blind Draw replacement for those teams without four players.

SUBSTITUTES: If there is a large number of single sign-ups for this tournament, complete four-man team assignments may be impossible. So, if a team is missing a player (or more), the following will apply:

  • At the end of the tournament round the Tournament Chairman will select a Blind Draw for those teams without four players.
  • A single draw will be made for all teams short a player. That one selected player will be used for all teams requiring a single substitute.
  • If a team is short more than one player, an additional draw will be made for each player required.


  • Record GROSS score, hole by hole, for each team member. Each person’s score shall be recorded as a tournament round, so each hole must be completed by all, or appropriate HCP score be used — i.e., net par.
  • Mark the lowest three NET scores for each hole.
  • Record the "Team NET Score" (sum of circled scores) for each hole at the bottom of the scorecard.
  • Total the "Team NET Score" for the round. This is the Final Team NET Score.
  • Team with the lowest Final Team NET Score wins.
  • Score cards shall be signed/attested by all players on the team.
  • Ties will be broken by card off using the #1 HCP hole (#6), NET score. If a tie still exits we will the use the #2 HCP hole (#14), NET score. If the tie still exits we go to the # 3 HCP hole (#3), NET score. This progression will continue until the tie is broken.


  • Practice Putt(s) / Shot(s) are prohibited during the round.
  • ALL putts must be holed out — No gimmies!
  • "Closest to the Pin" will be awarded on all of the five par three holes. The payout shall be determined by the "buy-in."
  • Tournament Chairman will select Blind Draws for those teams without four players.
  • USGA rules supplemented by local rules apply.
  • Post your own score as a tournament round.


PAIRINGS (to be posted NLT COB than Wed, 15 Nov)