Two Man Better Ball -- Wed, 27 December 2017

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Chg 1: Added new player to Team 16.

Sign-up Cutoff Date: Friday, 22 Dec 17

The format for this month's tournament is Two Man Better Ball (see the rules below). The first tee time is 0730 (see the pairings below). Changes can be expected. The pairings, tee times and rules at game time take precedence over these posted on the website. Please check in at least forty-five minutes prior to your tee time.




TEAMS: Two-man teams will be comprised of the entrants as submitted to the Tournament Committee. There is no restriction on handicap difference among partners. Tee times are assigned first come, first served.

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Each player will play to 100% of his handicap based on the 15 Dec Index. The Team HCP shall be the sum of the partners' handicaps.

FLIGHTS: The field will be split into three flights. The Tournament Committee has directed that, as best as possible, the flights be balanced (equal number of players in each flight). Team flighting is a two step process; first players are flighted individually by Index, then teams are flighted based on the individual flight. The computer software computes the assignments.


  • Each player will play his own ball throughout the entire round.
  • Select the best NET score of the two players for each hole. Circle birdies only. Handicap strokes apply hole-by-hole.
  • The team with the lowest Final Team NET Score wins.
  • Tournament Chairman will select a Blind Draw for those teams without two players.

Substitutes: If a team is missing a player, the Tournament Committee, at the end of the round, will make a blind draw selection of one player from scorecards of the entire field.

FORWARD TEES: Players with an Index of 20 or higher and are 70 yrs or older, may elect to play from the Gold tees. Gold tee players shall be assigned your Gold tee HCP minus a three (3) stroke adjustment. Your HCP for play and for Tm HCP shall be the HCP calculation after all of the adjustments have been applied.


  • Each two man TEAM shall swap scorecards with the other twosome in their assigned group.
  • Record GROSS score, hole by hole, for each team member.
  • Select the lower NET score for each hole. Circle birdies only.
  • Record the "Team NET Score" for each hole at the bottom of the scorecard.
  • Total the "Team NET Score" for the round. This is the Final Team NET Score.
  • Team with the lowest Final Team NET Score wins.
  • Score cards shall be signed/attested by each player on the team.
  • Ties will be broken by card off using the #1 HCP hole (#6), NET score. If a tie still exits we will the use the #2 HCP hole (#14), NET score. If the tie still exits we go to the # 3 HCP hole (#3), NET score. This progression will continue until the tie is broken.


  • Practice Putt(s) / Shot(s) are Prohibited during the round.
  • No practice putting.
  • "Closest to the Pin" will be awarded on selected par three holes. The payout shall be determined by the "buy-in."
  • Tournament Chairman will select Blind Draws for those teams without a complete team.
  • If you "pick-up" (for speed-of-play) and don't complete the hole, for posting purposes, record a net par for that hole.
  • Post your own score as a regular round.
  • USGA rules supplemented by local rules apply.

Have a great time!

Flt ID# Team #1 Hcp Tee Flt ID# Team #2 Hcp Tee
B 178984 Niergarth, Charles 21 White B 9660389 Kincaid, Garry 18 White
A 135097 Lemasters, Grant 4 White C 9562200 Lim, Rolly 23 White
07:30 am #01 25 07:30 am #01 41
Flt ID# Team #3 Hcp Tee Flt ID# Team #4 Hcp Tee
A 9074376 Kramer, Bob 11 White A 9206689 Myatt, Steve 12 White
A 9217446 Newman, Roger 13 White C 9207493 Crenshaw, Rob 22 White
07:37 am #01 24 07:37 am #01 34
Flt ID# Team #5 Hcp Tee Flt ID# Team #6 Hcp Tee
C 9811992 Long, Jim 24 White A 9270382 Skinner, John 12 White
B 1508043 Vecchio, Ray 13 White C 9359206 Barrera, Jim 22 White
07:45 am #01 37 07:45 am #01 34
Flt ID# Team #7 Hcp Tee Flt ID# Team #8 Hcp Tee
C 230839 Eldred, Joe 20 Gold C 586139 Tracy, Don 24 Gold
C 147645 Harnish, Reno 30 White A 1507849 Parker, Jay 13 White
07:52 am #01 50 07:52 am #01 37
Flt ID# Team #9 Hcp Tee Flt ID# Team #10 Hcp Tee
A 9037276 Smith, Tim 10 White A 9398842 Mitchell, Jerry 11 White
A 9735870 McRoberts, Scotty 8 White B 9271209 Wilson, Jim 18 White
08:00 am #01 18 08:00 am #01 29
Flt ID# Team #11 Hcp Tee Flt ID# Team #12 Hcp Tee
B 9679406 Calimquim, Nap 18 White A 9737418 Martin, Bobby 10 White
B 228516 Rivera, Del 19 White B 9723922 Bautista, Rey 20 White
08:07 am #01 37 08:07 am #01 30
Flt ID# Team #13 Hcp Tee Flt ID# Team #14 Hcp Tee
C 9451613 Ruston, Chuck 22 White B 9716695 Mohr, Ken 14 White
B 9256743 Totten, Bob 16 White A 9242583 Hebert, Ed 8 White
08:15 am #01 38 08:15 am #01 22
Flt ID# Team #15 Hcp Tee Flt ID# Team #16 Hcp Tee
C 9535201 Stephenson, Paul 33 White B 1973646 Bostic, Dwain 14 White
C 8703332 Dillard, Tommy 29 White B 8690238 Camina, Florente 13 White
08:22 am #01 62 08:22 am #01 27