Turkey Shoot -- Saturday, 19 November 2016

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Sign up Cutoff Date: Tues, 15 Nov 16

The format for this month's tournament is Individual Low Net (see the rules below). The first tee time is 0730 (see the pairings below). Changes may be expected. The pairings, tee times and rules at game time take precedence over these posted on the website. Please check in at least fourty-five minutes prior to your tee time.

For a member to be eligible, he must participate in at least three (3) monthly tournaments or participate in at least ten (10) men's club weekday events during the previous twelve (12) months. Previous tournament or weekday participation for active duty members is waived.

TOURNAMENT FEE: The tournament fee of $5 is waved. Payout, equivalent to the price of a turkey, will come from the Club and will be paid out to approximately 50% of the field.

TEE TIMES: Tee times will be assigned as requested and in order of the time you sign up. If you sign up from the sheet at the Bulletin Board, be sure to indicate time and date you signed up.

TEAMS: There is no team play. You may sign up as a single, a foursome or anything in-between.

HANDICAP: Handicaps are based on 100% of player's GHIN Index as of 15 November.

Teeing positions: Players may play from the white or gold tees. If you play from the gold tees you will be assigned your gold tee HCP minus a three (3) stroke adjustment. Your HCP for play shall be the HCP calculation after all of the adjustments have been applied.

FORMAT: Each participant is playing for his lowest NET score.


  • There will be two players listed on each scorecard.
  • Exchange cards among the foursome.
  • Do not score your own card.
  • Record GROSS Score hole by hole.
  • The best NET Score for 18 holes will determine the winner.
  • Ties will be broken by card off using the #1 HCP hole (#6), GROSS score. If a tie still exits we will the use the #2 HCP hole (#14), GROSS score. If the tie still exits we go to the # 3 HCP hole (#3), GROSS score. This progression will continue until the tie is broken.


  • Practice Putt(s) / Shot(s) are prohibited during the round.
  • "Closest to the Pin" will be awarded on five of the five par three holes. The payout shall be determined by the "buy-in."
  • USGA rules supplemented by local rules apply.
  • Post your own score as a tournament round.



ID# Foursome #1 Hcp Tee   ID# Foursome #2 Hcp Tee
9037276 Smith, Tim 12 White   9660389 Kincaid, Garry 17 White
9242583 Hebert, Ed 10 White   1566540 Lim, Mike 12 White
9270382 Skinner, John 12 White   9562200 Lim, Rolly 25 White
8689602 Feliciano, Jing 14 White   178984 Niergarth, Charles 23 White
  Time: 07:30 am         Time: 07:37 am    
ID# Foursome #3 Hcp Tee   ID# Foursome #4 Hcp Tee
9217720 Dupree, Wylie 10 White   9202163 Buu, Vu 9 White
9214780 Young, Bob 14 White   9689500 Farris, Joe 15 White
9314288 Heinz, Karl 15 White   717757 Nguyen, Khoa 13 White
9398842 Mitchell, Jerry 15 White          
  Time: 07:44 am         Time: 07:51 am    
ID# Foursome #5 Hcp Tee   ID# Foursome #6 Hcp Tee
9074376 Kramer, Bob 10 White   9256743 Totten, Bob 16 White
9206495 Winer, Mike 6 White   9206689 Myatt, Steve 14 White
9217446 Newman, Roger 13 White   9735870 McRoberts, Scotty 12 White
9535201 Stephenson, Paul 32 White   9207493 Crenshaw, Rob 21 White
  Time: 07:58 am         Time: 08:05 am    
ID# Foursome #7 Hcp Tee   ID# Foursome #8 Hcp Tee
9737418 Martin, Bobby 10 White   9451613 Ruston, Chuck 21 White
9679406 Calimquim, Nap 18 White   9284830 Chung, Derrick 11 White
9723922 Bautista, Rey 17 White   9271209 Wilson, Jim 19 White
228516 Rivera, Del 20 White   9935197 Johnson, Lavern 22 White
  Time: 08:12 am         Time: 08:19 am    
ID# Foursome #9 Hcp Tee   ID# Foursome #10 Hcp Tee
9811992 Long, Jim 22 White   9561148 Lanman, George 33 White
9504213 Holley, Phill 22 White   20821 Espinoza, Coyote 20 White
1508043 Vecchio, Ray 13 White   8690523 Suarez, Jaime   White
8559131 Anderson, Stan 19 White          
  Time: 08:26 am         Time: 08:33 am    


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