Pinehurst (2 Man Teams) -- 24 July 2016

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Chg 1: Added Vecchio and Holley
Chg 2: First tee time changed to 0759
Chg 3: Dudley and Kemp dropped out

Signup Cutoff Date: Wed, 15 June NLT Midnight (no exceptions).

The format for this month's tournament is Pinehurst (see the rules below). Each partner pairing must have a handicap within five strokes... If not, the higher handicap player will have his handicap adjusted downwards to within five strokes of his partner's handicap.

The first tee time is 0759. Changes may be expected. The pairings, tee times and rules at game time take precedence over these posted on the website. Please check in at least forty-five minutes prior to your tee time.

TEAMS: Two man teams will be comprised of the entrants as submitted to the Tournament Committee. Foursomes will be assigned, as much as possible, to match like handicaps. Requests from teams wishing to play together with another team are welcomed. Tee times are assigned first come, first served.

Each player will play to 100% of his handicap. Handicaps shall be based on 15 June GHIN Indexes. Handicaps for each team member shall be within 5 strokes. Teams exceeding the 5 stoke differential will have the higher HCP reduced to within 5 strokes of his partner and then the Tm HCP will be calulated. The Team HCP will be the average of the combined partners' handicaps.

FORMAT: USGA rules apply. Remember, relief is given for swing and stance, not for line of sight. Play the ball as it lies.

  • To start each hole, each player will hit their own ball from the white tees as they are placed on the teeing ground.
  • On all holes, for the second shot, player “A” will play player “B’s” ball and player “B” will play player “A’s” ball.
  • Prior to the third stroke, the team players must select which ball they wish to play for the remainer of the hole. There will only be one ball played after the second stroke, not including any penalties applied.
  • Once the players select a ball (ie “A’s” last stroke) the other team player (ie “B”) will play the third stroke and they will play alternate strokes until the ball is holed. At no time will a player strike the same ball in succession.
  • When a player plays a ball that goes out-of-bounds, the other player must play the next stroke, applying the stroke and distance penalty.
  • If a player hits a ball that may be lost outside of a water hazard or out-of-bounds and play of a provisional ball is desired, his partner, whose turn it is to hit the next stroke, must hit the provisional ball.


  • Record the GROSS Score for each hole in the row marked Tm GROSS Score on the scorecard.
  • Subtract Tm HCP from Total GROSS Score for Final NET Score.
  • The team with the lowest Final NET Score wins.
  • Ties will be broken by card off using the #1 HCP hole (#6), NET score. If a tie still exits we will the use the #2 HCP hole (#14), NET score. If the tie still exits we go to the # 3 HCP hole (#3), NET score. This progression will continue until the tie is broken.


  • Practice Putt(s) / Shot(s) are Prohibited during the round.
  • Putting: Players may replace the "ball in play" with their own ball while on the putting surface.
  • "Closest to the Pin" will be awarded on all five of the par three holes. The payout shall be determined by the "buy-in."
  • USGA rules supplemented by local rules apply.
  • Do NOT post your score.

Note 1: Remember, if you have the higher HCP of the Team and your handicap is listed lower than your appropriate HCP, it has been adjusted downward to be within five strokes of your partner's handicap.

PAIRINGS (to be posted NLT COB Wed, 22 June)
 ID#   Team #1   Hcp   Tee   ID#   Team #2   Hcp   Tee 
 178984   Niergarth, Charles   23.00   White   9202163   Buu, Vu   9.00   White 
 9811992   Long, Jim   22.00   White   9689500   Farris, Joe   14.00   White 
 Time: 07:59 am   22.50   Time: 07:59 am   11.50 
 ID#   Team #3   Hcp   Tee   ID#   Team #4   Hcp   Tee 
 8742866   Braun, Glenn   11.00   White   9935197   Johnson, Lavern   22.00   White 
 9451613   Ruston, Chuck   16.00   White   9561148   Lanman, George   27.00   White 
 Time: 08:06 am   13.50   Time: 08:06 am   24.50 
 ID#   Team #5   Hcp   Tee         
1508043 Vecchio, Ray 20.00 White        
9504213 Holley, Phill 22.00 White        
 Time: 08:13 am   21.50