December Tournament: Two Man Better Ball

This page updated as of 4 January 2017 @ 1057

Below is the listing of the results for our twelth tournament of the year. Congratulations to all who joined us. The Pro Shop and the Men's Club thank all members who participated in our December event and supported our Club tournament program. This year's event was rained out. Below is an email that our Tournament Chairman, Scotty McRoberts sent out on the afternoon of the tournament.


From: Scotty McRoberts
Sent: Friday, December 30, 2016 12:45 PM
Subject: Today's Tournament

Thanks to everyone who at least tried to get it done today. Unfortunately the weather just didn’t cooperate. I “officially” called the tournament after our group tried to finish on number 5. I know some of you had actually gotten trough 9 holes when I called it but it wouldn’t have been fair to try to continue with the greens flooding at that time. Therefore, I decided to refund everyone’s entry fee. I’ve stuffed the envelopes of those who I didn’t see personally. The good news is that Matt has decided to give all of us who did try a raincheck good for the next tournament that you decide to play in. I coordinated our lists so everyone should be on his list. This will apply to next month’s Saturday tournament as well as any of the weekday tournaments. If you see Matt, be sure to thank him for his generosity since they normally have a “No Raincheck” policy. This is a direct result of his recognition of how the Men’s Club supports the Sea 'N Air operation.

Since this was my last tournament as your Director, I want to thank you all again for your support over the last three years and know you’ll do the same for our new Director, Ed Hebert.

Stay well and Happy New Year,