Match Play Tournament Kick-off 23 April 2016
Individual Low Net - Singles
Rules and Pairings


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Chg 1: Dropped Edwards and added Castellanos.
Chg 2: Corrected HCPs

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This month's tournament (not a Men's Club tournament event) is Individual Low Net Singles Match Play. The first tee time is 0730 (see the pairings below). Please check-in at least forty-five minutes prior to your tee time.

Below are the projected rules. Changes can be expected. The rules at game time, on Saturday, take precedence over these posted on the web site.


TEAMS: This format is Individual Low Net Singles Match Play. No team play.

HANDICAP: Handicaps are based on player's Index as of 15 April. Each Player will play to 100% of his handicap. Handicap for each match play round shall be based on the Player with the lower handicap. If Player A has an HCP of 4 and Player B has an HCP of 10, Player B will get six strokes for the round.

FORMAT: Match Play. Two golfers compete hole by hole, and the golfer who wins the most holes wins the match. Winners of this first round go on to compete in the next round. Losers are out of the tournament.

PAIRINGS: Pairings for the Saturday kick-off round will be determinded by a blind draw conducted Thursday, 21 April, by the Match Play Committee.

TEEING POSITION: Players shall play from the White tees. Winner of the previous hole has honors.

SCORING: Player A plays against Player B, hole by hole. If Player A scores a net 4 on the first hole while Player B records a net 5, Player A wins the hole. Player A is now 1-up for the match. You don't necessarily need to play all 18 holes. Say you reach a score of 6-up with 5 holes to play - you've clinched the victory, and the match is over. Players then take net par on holes not contested or completed and post round. USGA rules.


  • Winner shall report results to the Committee.
  • Winner of the round must also contact the next opponent in bracket within 48 hours. If one cannot make this contact in specified time, John Skinner or Rob Crenshaw (committee) must be contacted within 24 hours and they will organize next match or declare forfeit.
  • USGA rules supplemented by local rules apply.
  • Committee shall determine next round pairings based on the posted ladder.
  • Post your own score, non-tournament round.

Have Fun!


 ID#   Group #1   Hcp   Tee   ID#   Group #2   Hcp   Tee 
 9037276   Smith, Tim   10   White   1968390   Helwig, Tim   11   White 
 9357354   Sahd, Mike   9   White   9735870   McRoberts, Scotty   10   White 
 Time: 07:30 am      Time: 07:30 am    
 ID#   Group #3   Hcp   Tee   ID#   Group #4   Hcp   Tee 
 9242583   Hebert, Ed   7   White   9208112   Blackford, David   10   White 
 9202163   Buu, Vu   10   White   9270382   Skinner, John   9   White 
 Time: 07:37 am      Time: 07:37 am    
 ID#   Group #5   Hcp   Tee   ID#   Group #6   Hcp   Tee 
 1503277   Castellanos, Al   13   White   9271209   Wilson, Jim   19   White 
 1508043   Vecchio, Ray   19   White   1925110   Wright, Chris   14   White 
 Time: 07:45 am      Time: 07:45 am    
 ID#   Group #7   Hcp   Tee   ID#   Group #8   Hcp   Tee 
 9689500   Farris, Joe   14   White   178984   Niergarth, Charles   22   White 
 9811992   Long, Jim   24   White   8703332   Dillard, Tommy   30   White 
 Time: 07:52 am      Time: 07:52 am