Member/Guest Tournament -- 30 May 2015


This page updated 27 May 15 @ 15:36.

CHG 1: Added forward tee rule.
CHG 2: All shots to the par threes shall be made from the white tees.
CHG 3: Member-Member play is allowed.
CHG 4: No mulligans allowed when shooting for par three prizes.

Signup Cutoff Date: Monday, 25 May @ Midnight

The Member/Guest Tournament is a 07:31 shotgun start. Please check in by 06:45. If you signed up via the form on our website, remember we need a check for $160 per team prior to tee off. NO PAY, NO PLAY.

Below are the projected rules. Changes can be expected. The rules at game time, on Saturday, take precedence over these posted on the web site.


TEAMS: Teams shall consist of two players. There is no minimum stroke differential between partners. Our Men's Club is proud of our venue and fine facility. We make every attempt to showcase our gem any chance we can and when possible we encourage and facilitate as much play as possible. In line with that goal, the Men's Club Board of Governors allows Member-Member play for those players unable to find partners with official handicaps.

HANDICAP: Each player will play to 100% of his HCP, based on the 15 May Index. Players without a verifiable index shall play scratch. The Team HCP shall be the sum of the partners' handicap.

FORWARD TEES:  Players with an Index of 20 or higher and are 70 yrs or older, may elect to play from the Gold tees. Gold tee players shall be assigned your Gold tee HCP minus a three (3) stroke adjustment. Your HCP for play and for Tm HCP shall be the HCP calculation after all of the adjustments have been applied.

FORMAT: USGA rules apply.

  • Each player on the team plays his own ball until completing the hole.
  • Record the Gross Score for each player hole-by-hole.
  • The lower of the two scores, with the HCP applied, is circled and then recorded at the bottom of the scorecard as the NET Team Score for each hole.


  • Each two man TEAM shall swap score cards with the other twosome in their assigned foursome.
  • Team Score is the better NET score of two-man team for each hole.
  • Eighteen hole low NET Team Score wins!
  • Individual GROSS and NET scores must be recorded AND each card shall be signed and attested by each team member prior to turning into the tournament scorekeeper(s).
  • Ties will be broken by card off using the #1 Handicap hole, NET score. If a tie still exits we will the use the #2 Handicap hole, NET score. If the tie still exits we go to the # 3 Handicap hole, NET score. This progression will continue until the tie is broken.


  • Practice Putt(s) / Shot(s) are Prohibited during the round.
  • All official play for prizes shall from the White Tees.
  • The tournament software will determine the division of the field into three flights. Your Team Flight (A, B or C) will be printed on your scorecard.
  • "Closest to the Pin" will be awarded on all of the five par three holes. The payout shall be determined by the "buy-in." No mulligans allowed.
  • All Closest to the Pin and Hole-in-One shots shall be from the white tees (no mulligans allowed).
  • The maximum individual HCP allowed for all Sea 'N Air Men's Club tournaments is 36.
  • USGA rules supplemented by local rules apply.
  • Post your own score. Scores shall NOT be posted as a Tournament Score.
  • For speed of play, once low score is determined, hole-by-hole, the other team mate need not putt out. High score team mate then picks-up and posts a score of net par for that hole.

Have fun!

Note: SHOTGUN Start. All Teams tee off at 07:31
Your starting hole is listed next to the tee-off time.

Flt ID# Team #1 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #2 Hcp
B 9247107 Torrez, Bill 15 White   C 230839 Eldred, Joe 26
C 9357480 Gaulin, George 17 White   C 147645 Harnish, Reno 28
B   07:31 am #01 32     C   07:31 am #01 54
Flt ID# Team #3 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #4 Hcp
C 9251063 Artman, P.A. 19 White   A 9735870 McRoberts, Scotty 9
B 9856779 Martinez, Tom 13 White   B 93498270 Rodriguez, Al 15
B   07:31 am #18A 32     B   07:31 am #18A 24
Flt ID# Team #5 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #6 Hcp
C 9927284 Lepore, John 25 Gold   C 9535201 Stephenson, Paul 27
B 9526796 Edney, Bud 16 White   C 9175784 Cargill, Lee 21
C   07:31 am #18B 41     C   07:31 am #18B 48
Flt ID# Team #7 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #8 Hcp
A 9074376 Kramer, Bob 10 White   A 9202163 Buu, Vu 11
A 99258530 Schattinger, Steve 4 White   B 28612690 Nguyen, Tam 12
A   07:31 am #17 14     A   07:31 am #17 23
Flt ID# Team #9 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #10 Hcp
B 1503277 Castellanos, Al 13 White   B 9885086 Roberts, Bob 15
A 1837891 Mosher, Chris 11 White   B 35776 Hollister, Bill 12
B   07:31 am #16A 24     B   07:31 am #16A 27
Flt ID# Team #11 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #12 Hcp
C 178984 Niergarth, Charles 22 White   B 9397591 Pascual, Jon 17
B 1508043 Vecchio, Ray 16 White   A 93311650 Trawick, Lewie 11
C   07:31 am #16B 38     B   07:31 am #16B 28
Flt ID# Team #13 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #14 Hcp
C 9215411 Fulton, Mick 23 White   C 9811992 Long, Jim 23
B 97316170 Young, Kyle 17 White   A 10 Torres, Hervey 0
C   07:31 am #15A 40     A   07:31 am #15A 23
Flt ID# Team #15 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #16 Hcp
A 9216526 Schlesinger, Dave 10 White   B 1928262 Calhoun, Tom 16
B 96932080 Moutes, John 15 White   A 9480634 Burchill, Roy 6
B   07:31 am #15B 25     A   07:31 am #15B 22
Flt ID# Team #17 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #18 Hcp
C 9271209 Wilson, Jim 19 White   B 9689500 Farris, Joe 12
B 9505642 Pettina, Tony 13 White   A 9 Tsitoikaos, John 0
B   07:31 am #14A 32     A   07:31 am #14A 12
Flt ID# Team #19 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #20 Hcp
A 9242583 Hebert, Ed 9 White   A 1501049 Anderson, Ed 8
A 9641655 Shults, Mark 8 White   A 1400588 Mukanos, Mark 10
A   07:31 am #14B 17     A   07:31 am #14B 18
Flt ID# Team #21 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #22 Hcp
A 9206689 Myatt, Steve 9 White   C 9207493 Crenshaw, Rob 21
C 706598 Lewis, Ky 21 White   B 9256743 Totten, Bob 14
B   07:31 am #13 30     C   07:31 am #13 35
Flt ID# Team #23 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #24 Hcp
C 9451613 Ruston, Chuck 20 White   A 9225012 Dailey, Tom 5
B 9716695 Mohr, Ken 14 White   A 9573320 Worster, John 6
C   07:31 am #12A 34     A   07:31 am #12A 11
Flt ID# Team #25 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #26 Hcp
C 8690523 Suarez, Jaime 18 White          
C 208210 Espinoza, Charles 22 White          
C   07:31 am #12B 40