Six-Six-Six - 26 October 2013


This page updated 24 October 2013 @ 13:47

Chg #1: Added four new players, revised the Flight assignments and there will be Closest to the Pin buy in.

Sign up Cutoff Date: Monday, 21 Oct 13

The format for this month's tournament is 6-6-6 (see the rules below). The first tee time is 0731. The pairings, tee times and rules at game time take precedence over these posted on the web site. Changes may be expected. Please check in at least forty-five minutes prior to your tee time.

6-6-6 RULES

TEAMS: Two man teams will be comprised of the entrants as submitted to the Tournament Committee. Foursomes will be assigned, as much as possible, to match like handicaps. Requests from teams wishing to play together with another team are welcomed. Tee times are assigned first come, first served.

Players signing up as a single will be paired with other members signing up as a single. If there is an odd number of sign ups, the last to sign up may not play.

Each player will play to 100% of his handicap based on the 15 October GHIN Index. Handicaps for each team member shall be within 5 strokes. Teams exceeding the 5 stoke differential will have the higher HCP reduced to within 5 strokes of his partner and then the Tm HCP will be calculated. The Team HCP shall be the average of the combined partners' handicaps.

Teeing positions: Players may play from the white or gold tees. If you play from the gold tees you will be assigned your gold tee HCP minus a three (3) stroke adjustment. Your HCP for play and for Tm HCP shall be the HCP calculation after all of the adjustments have been applied.


Holes One Through Six

  1. Each team member tees off from selected teeing position (white or gold).
  2. Select the better of the two balls for the position for the next shot. Both balls may be placed within one club length of the selected ball, but no nearer the hole.
  3. Each player hits from this position.
  4. When players are on putting green, if the ball of the player who putts first is not holed out, teammate's ball is putted from the same spot as first player.
  5. Score the hole when one ball is holed out.
  6. Enter GROSS Team Score.

Holes Seven Through Twelve

  1. Both players tee off from selected teeing position (white or gold), then switch balls.
  2. Second shot, each player hits his partner's ball.
  3. Third shot is made by first selecting the better positioned ball of the two second shots and then is hit by the partner who did not strike that ball on the second shot. From that point until the ball is holed, play only one ball in an alternate shot format.
  4. Enter GROSS Team Score.

Holes Thirteen Through Eighteen

  1. Each player on the team plays his own ball until completing the hole, then the lower of the two scores is recorded as the Team Score for that hole.
  2. Enter GROSS Better Ball Score of partners on each hole.


  1. Record the GROSS Score for each hole in the bottom row of the scorecard.
  2. Subtract Tm HCP from Total GROSS Score for Final NET Score.
  3. The team with the lowest Final NET Score wins.
  4. Ties will be broken by card off using the #1 HCP hole (#6), GROSS score. If a tie still exits we will the use the #2 HCP hole (#14), GROSS score. If the tie still exits we go to the # 3 HCP hole (#3), GROSS score. This progression will continue until the tie is broken.
  5. Swap scorecards with other team members in your foursome and have them attested and signed.
  6. Since this is not an individually scored tournament, individual scores should not be posted for tournament.


Flt ID# Team #1 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #2 Tee
  9352026 Vaughan, Roscoe 12.00 White     9757898 Linville, Marty White
  9226789 Stout, Jim 11.00 White     9230922 Stark, Rod White
B   Time: 07:31 am 11.50     A   Time: 07:31 am  
Flt ID# Team #3 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #4 Tee
  9207493 Crenshaw, Rob 19.00 White     9206689 Myatt, Steve White
  9397591 Pascual, Jon 14.00 White     9256743 Totten, Bob White
C   Time: 07:38 am 16.50     A   Time: 07:38 am  
Flt ID# Team #5 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #6 Tee
  135097 Lemasters, Grant 2.00 White     9214780 Young, Bob White
  9074376 Kramer, Bob 7.00 White     9705068 Dobbs, Jay White
A   Time: 07:45 am 4.50     A   Time: 07:45 am  
Flt ID# Team #7 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #8 Tee
  9723922 Bautista, Rey 14.00 White     9242583 Hebert, Ed White
  8689602 Feliciano, Jing 9.00 White     1405196 Emerson, Brad White
B   Time: 07:52 am 11.50     A   Time: 07:52 am  
Flt ID# Team #9 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #10 Tee
  9676930 Odom, Gregg 33.00 Gold     8703332 Dillard, Tommy White
  9078679 Patrick, Roger 29.00 Gold     9561148 Lanman, George White
C   Time: 07:59 am 31.00     C   Time: 07:59 am  
Flt ID# Team #11 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #12 Tee
  9689500 Farris, Joe 10.00 White     9550931 Lee, Charlie White
  9202163 Buu, Vu 12.00 White     9873558 Gilliland, John White
B   Time: 08:06 am 11.00     B   Time: 08:06 am  
Flt ID# Team #13 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #14 Tee
  9275618 Goodman, Coy 0.00 White     9275964 DeJaco, Jerry White
  461303 Benavides, Richard 5.00 White     9247107 Torrez, Bill White
A   Time: 08:13 am 2.50     B   Time: 08:13 am  
Flt ID# Team #15 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #16 Tee
  279554 Ritter, Brian 8.00 White     3513920 Ganze, Dominic White
  9664913 Caballero, Hector 3.00 White     156099 Kirkpatrick, Morgan White
A   Time: 08:20 am 5.50     B   Time: 08:20 am  
Flt ID# Team #17 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #18 Tee
  9323854 deJarnette, Robbie 11.00 White     9231975 Ferrell, Tom White
  1483602 White, Chad 9.00 White     8689246 Benson, D.R. White
B   Time: 08:27 am 10.00     B   Time: 08:27 am  
Flt ID# Team #19 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #20 Tee
  9451613 Ruston, Chuck 19.00 White     9936313 Willibey, Chuck Gold
  9935197 Johnson, Lavern 19.00 White     9201546 Schreiber, Bob Gold
C   Time: 08:34 am 19.00     C   Time: 08:34 am  
Flt ID# Team #21 Hcp Tee   Flt ID# Team #22 Tee
  1261366 Grucza, Whitey 8.00 White     9811992 Long, Jim White
  9357354 Sahd, Mike 10.00 White     9316684 Wastila, George Gold
A   Time: 08:41 am 9.00     C   Time: 08:41 am  
Flt ID# Team #23 Hcp Tee          
  8690523 Suarez, Jaime 16.00 White          
  20821 Espinoza, Coyote 20.00 White          
C   Time: 08:48 am 18.00