Progressive 4 Man Best Ball (Blind Draw)-- 30 April 2011

This is the THIRD remix. With the nature of the format, there may be more... keep checking.

This page updated as of 28 Apr 2011 @ 18:57

Signup Cutoff Date: Monday, 25 Apr @ Midnight

The format for this month's tournament is Progressive Four Man Best Ball (see the rules below). The pairings, tee times and rules at game time take precedence over these posted on the web site. Changes may be expected.

The first tee time is 0731. Please check in at least fourty-five minutes prior to your tee time.

For those who requested early, middle or late tee times, with the nature of the Blind Draw and all that it entails... we are not able to accommodate your request for this format.



Teams: Players will be divided into four handicap flights; A, B, C & D flighted by 15 April Indices. After flighting the players into four groups, the Tournament Chair will direct the computer to divide the entire field of players into balanced foursomes with near-equal team handicaps, each with an A, B, C, and D player.

All teams will compete head to head. There will be no team flights.

Team Handicap: Each player will play to 100% of his individual handicap.




Have a great time!


 Flt   Team #1   Hcp     Flt   Team #2   Hcp 
 A   Dupree, Wylie   9.00     B   Davis, Ronald   16.00 
 D   Malmquist, Alan   25.00     A   Lemasters, Grant   0.00 
 C   Smith, Dan   17.00     C   Marzan, Nacho   20.00 
 B   Pascual, Jon   14.00     D   Lanman, George   29.00 
   07:31 am  #01   16.25       07:38 am  #01   16.25 
 Flt   Team #3   Hcp     Flt   Team #4   Hcp 
 B   Torrez, Bill   16.00     B   Feliciano, Jing   13.00 
 A   Easson, Jeff   2.00     A   Lopez, Carlos   10.00 
 C   Tagulao, Rey   22.00     D   Miller, Steve   23.00 
 D   Hansen, Bob   26.00     C   Heinz, Karl   20.00 
   07:46 am  #01   16.50       07:53 am  #01   16.50 
 Flt   Team #5   Hcp     Flt   Team #6   Hcp 
 C   Roberts, Bob   17.00     B   Braun, Glenn   15.00 
 B   Reyes, Sonny   13.00     A   McGuire, Jeff   6.00 
 A   Kramer, Bob   11.00     C   Dillard, Tom   20.00 
 D   Smith, Lou   25.00     D   Long, Jim   25.00 
   08:01 am  #01   16.50       08:08 am  #01   16.50 
 Flt   Team #7   Hcp     Flt   Team #8   Hcp 
 C   Bautista, Rey   19.00     C   Diaz, Danny   19.00 
 B   Buu, Vu   12.00     A   Ritter, Dennis   11.00 
 A   Totten, Bob   9.00     B   Skinner, John   12.00 
 D   Stephenson, Paul   26.00     D   Wastila, George   25.00 
   08:16 am  #01   16.50       08:23 am  #01   16.75 
 Flt   Team #9   Hcp     Flt   Team #10   Hcp 
 D   Stokes, Carl   27.00         
 B   Ibarra, Joe   11.00         
 C   Ruston, Chuck   18.00         
 A   Newman, Roger   10.00         
   08:31 am  #01   16.50