GHIN (pronounced "gin") Information

On Monday, 4 January 2010, the SCGA and five other golf associations in Southern California moved their handicap services to GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network). All golfers posting scores through an SCGA computer will post into the GHIN network. Here's some infomation regarding the program. For further information call or email Jim Long or Rob Crenshaw.

GHIN Home Page

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What is GHIN?

Developed in 1981, GHIN is the world's largest handicap computation service.

  • GHIN is currently the handicap vendor in 42 states as well as Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. (See the blue states in the graphic below.)
  • There are over 12,000 golf clubs using the GHIN handicap system.
  • 10,000 of those clubs use the GHIN Handicap Program (GHP)
  • 1,950 use a web application only (
  • 50 clubs still conduct all of their transactions through paper.
  • There are over 2.1 million golfers in the GHIN database.
  • GHIN is maintained by the United States Golf Association and the staff is composed of USGA employees.
  • CLICK HERE for GHIN history.

GHIN Process

  • All scores transmitted by 9:00 pm on the day prior to a revision will be included on the following mornings Handicap Index.
  • The revision process generally takes about 3 hours – the revision will be complete at midnight, Eastern Time.
  • Players should see trend changes within about 24 hours of posting.
  • The Handicap Index will be updated on the 1st and 15th of the month instead of just once a month.

How do you benefit from GHIN?

  • GHIN Handicap Program (GHP) - The GHIN Handicap Program software provides for scores to be electronically routed from any club within the GHIN network. Away scores are re-routed to the home clubs Clubs have access to the USGA Handicap Indexes of all other two million golfers on GHIN across the country. Clubs may inquire about the USGA Handicap Index of any visiting golfer on GHIN. Each golfer can see the immediate impact that each new score may have on the individual's Handicap Index at the next revision via the Trend.
  • Administrative services allow the handicap chairman the ability to perform file maintenance for the members (add new members, score corrections, post scores, run reports, etc.) at home and from the golf course facility.
  • Golfers now will have the ability to enter all scores from any GHIN computer terminal worldwide. (You don't have to post from the terminal at the course played.)
  • Twelve month scoring history will be maintained.
  • Report library supporting "Paperless" environments and a powerful report designer, which is flexible enough to design almost any report.
  • Clubs can print their own reports, handicap listings, local number list, addresses, Handicap labels for membership cards, etc.
  • All score corrections, new member adds, name changes, addresses, etc., are reflected immediately.
  • You can lookup any golfer in the GHIN database.
  • eRevision - Get your own handicap information in a detailed report emailed directly to you at each revision.
  • eClubhouse – provides opportunity for club to have a powerful, easy to use, website at no additional charge to the club.
  • eGolfer – personal account the golfer sets up to organize favorite courses, post scores, keep track of personal golf stats, look for players or events in their area, receive club newsletter and much more.
  • - Through, authorized club representatives can perform maintenance on their memberships' GHIN records, as well as have access to a broad array of information. Best of all, you can do it any time – any where. All you need is a computer with access to the Internet and a web browser. There is no need to go to your club's GHIN computer to perform membership maintenance.
  • Tournament Pairing Program - Comprehensive tournament program, commanding enough for the power user, yet easy for the new user to set up and score any tournament.

CLICK HERE to visit the GHIN website.